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June 14, 2021. . . back on March 16, 2020 . . .  as the world turns . . fifteen

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Covid has re-arranged many a scheduled event around the world and we at The Bookstore are no different from the rest.

Since we still require masks inside our shop and since our event space is so small (compared to the Great Outdoors), we have, this summer, partnered with some of our friends and neighbors to bring you the following, off site:

Saturday Oct. 23rd @  4:00pm-5:00 pm

Marilyn Peterson Hause

Half of a Whole: My Fight for a Separate Life

Stockbridge Library                                       46 Main St., Stockbridge

Saturday October 23 @   4:30

Betsy Dovydenas

If You Want to Know How I Got Brainwashed

Shakespeare & Co.          New Spruce Theatre        70 Kemble Street,  Lenox                       

Sunday October 24 @  4:00pm-5pm.         

Peter Lazes and Marie Rudden, Authors of From the Ground Up: How Frontline Staff Can Save America’s Healthcare

Lenox Library Distinguished Lecture Series: “What’s Wrong With Our Health Care System and How to Fix It”

Virtual Program via Zoom