Those of you who’ve been around long enough might remember we used to have a different slogan than the one we have now:
“Serving the Community since last Tuesday”.
It was “All Kinds of Books for All Kinds of People”
Well, next week is one of those ‘All Kinds of Books’ weeks. Check out these three upcoming events:
Monday the 10th, we’ve got a story of love, grief and healing,
Wednesday the 12th, a biography of a novelist who chronicled the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and on the following Sunday the 16th, a book of pottery by a renowned local artist.

Monday June 9 at 6 pm     SOULMATE DOG   Michelle B. Slater, Ph.D. in conversation with Alison Larkin   Wandering Cloud Press

Part love story of one woman’s extraordinary relationship with her animal companion, part philosophical examination of the special relationship between humans and dogs, and part exploration of the expanding field of modern integrative veterinary medicine, Soulmate Dog takes readers gently through the messiness of grieving the loss of a beloved animal companion with the story of Michelle Slater and her dog, Brady.
And, of course we are so pleased to have our dear friend Alison Larkin, who produced the audio version of Michelle’s book, to host the conversation with Michelle.   Hope you can make it as well.

Wednesday June 12 at 4 pm   ENDLESS FLIGHT: The Genius and Tragedy of Joseph Roth Keiron Pim Granta UK

The mercurial, self-mythologising novelist and journalist Joseph Roth, author of the 20th-century masterpiece The Radetzky March, was the finest observer and chronicler of his age. Endless Flight travels with Roth from his childhood in the town of Brody on the eastern edge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to an unsettled life spent roaming Europe between the wars, including spells in Vienna, Paris and Berlin.
Keiron Pim is a British journalist and author whom I met earlier this year via the London Review of Books, on account of an essay he wrote about a trip to Ukraine looking for his ancestors. Turns out they came from a place not far from where mine own did.!
One thing led to another and when Keiron told me he was coming to North America this spring, namely Toronto and New York, we made arrangements for him to stop off in Lenox on the way.  I couldn’t be more pleased.
Pim’s is the first English language biography of Roth and it is a masterful account of not only his life and demise, but that of civilized Europe in the first four decades of the 20th century.
Middle of the day, middle of the week, I know this is a hard time to get away, but we were at the mercy of the Amtrak schedule for this one. This is the first time we’ve reached across international borders to bring an author and I’m looking forward to introducing him around.

Sunday June 16 at 4 pm NERIKOMI: The Art of Colored Clay   Thomas Hoadley Bloomsbury Books

Since 1985 Stephanie and Tom have run the Hoadley Gallery around the corner on Church Street here in Lenox.  I think there are only a handful of shops like theirs and ours who have been here that long.

It’s a pleasure to honor Tom and the incredible work he’s done over these years. Nerikomi is the ancient technique of creating patterns with colored clay, magically manipulating the material to create the award-winning porcelain vessels, many of which are featured in this book, not to mention the permanent collections in over a dozen museums world-wide.

June is one of the loveliest months of the year (the other eleven aren’t bad either) and we’ve got even more events scheduled for the last two weeks as well.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.


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