New Year, new books.
Tomorrow, Jan 16 I’ll be on the radio with Joe Donahue over at WAMC. They’ve changed the format this year. As there are more bookstores reporting , we’re teaming up. This time I’ll be on with Connie Brooks of Battenkill Books in Cambridge, NY.  It’ll be a different mix ‘n match throughout the year.
As always it promises to be a lot of fun.  I do have such a good time talking with Joe about our favorite books, and it turns out I met Connie a few years back so this will be a nice reunion for us as well.
Also they’ve moved the starting time to 11:30 in the morning.
I hope you’ll tune in.
One of the books I’ll be talking about is “Fourteen Days”, a collaborative novel edited by Doug Preston and Margaret Atwood.  Usually I don’t like to say anything ahead of time, but this really is an exception.  
You will remember that last September Lenox hosted the second annual Authors Guild Foundation gathering, W.I.T.: Words, Ideas, and Thinkers: Changing the Narrative.  We were honored to supply the books for the event featuring the nearly two dozen writers in attendance.
Now the Authors Guild itself is publishing, via HarperCollins, a novel written by 37 different authors, and we are more than honored to be asked to host an event for this very unique (and I can tell you it’s marvelous!) book.  
Three of the writers, our very own Mary Pope Osborne, and nearby authors Roxana Robinson and Rachel Vail will be here at The Bookstore on Friday night February 9 from 6 to 7:30 pm to read from, talk about, and of course, sign copies of “Fourteen Days”.  
Here’s the link to the publisher’s promo.
This is a great event to kick off the new year, and it will be a hard one to follow up, but right now we’re starting to schedule signings and readings for the rest of the year.  Do check out our webpage
for announcements and look for our Instagram (see link below) posts as well. 
And, as always, 
Thanks for reading.

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