Once again, and for the last time this calendar year, I will have the pleasure of being on Joe Donahue’s WAMC BookPicks show tomorrow, Tuesday November 7, at 11:15 am
I’ll be talking about some new books that I think are well worth mentioning, and if you’ve been in the shop these last few weeks you might recognize some of them.
I’ll also be mentioning our next in-house poetry reading, featuring Berkshire County’s own poet and translator, Patty Crane, and her newly published translation of The Blue House: Collected Works of Nobel Prize winner Tomas TranstromerFriday November 17 at 5:30 pm.
This Fall has been busy, compared to years gone by, and we so appreciate your visits, whether to buy a book or two or just come in to see some of our new selections.  
The holidays, of course, are now approaching with almost alarming speed and we are, as usual, most happy to provide conduit between you, the reader, and them, the publishers.  One of my old teachers is known for having offered this advice: “A good bookseller stands behind the writer and ahead of the reader.”  
Which is what we’ve had the pleasure of doing for all these many years. 
C’mon by or call anytime, we’ll be happy to see you.
Thanks for reading!

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