We’re hosting Daisy Rockwell this coming Saturday afternoon at 3 pm. She not only has translated Geetanjali Shree’s new novel Tomb of Sand, but went on to win the International Booker Prize for the work!

Not bad for a young woman from Stockbridge who left her home town to become the artist, writer, scholar and mom that she is.

I am so looking forward to her reading from the book and discussing how she came to translate it. Some of the passages I’ve read are among the funniest

I’ve ever come across. It’s the story of an old woman in India who’s just become widowed and has turned her back on the world.  But when a grandson, who himself is incapable of laughter, hands her a magical walking stick everything changes. She goes on a long trip, she befriends strangers, she. . .well, I don’t want to give away the plot.

Daisy Rockwell has been a friend of The Bookstore since she was a child.  We hosted her for a book of drawings she did years ago. We also hosted her late mother, Susan Merrill, for her two delightful memoirs. And her dad Jarvis and I go back to my very first days in Berkshire County, so this is indeed a special occasion for me, and I hope for you, too.

Not to take anything away from Daisy’s reading this Saturday, but we are supplying books for two other author events the same day. Our neighbor George Gilder will be speaking about his new book Life After Capitalism at the very same time, 3 pm, at the Stockbridge Library. And earlier in the day, 3 local writers, Judy Staber, Pier Boutin and Margery Metzger will be the featured speakers at Ruth Bass’s “Lively World” series at the Richmond
Public Library. That’s at 10 am. Judy’s book’s are  Rise Above It, Darling  , Pier’s is The Little Mo Effect, and Margery’s is Hidden Demons. We’ll have signed copies of all their books, Daisy’s included, after all the events. 

 Next week we’ll host Jen Ellis, author of Bernie’s Mitten Maker on Thursday June 8 and the following day, Friday June 9 I’ll be in conversation with Roberta Silman with heer new book Summer Lightning, at The Mount here in Lenox.  More about those in our next mailing.

Thanks, all and keep reading!




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