June 14, 2021
. . . back on March 16, 2020 . . .  as the world turns . . fifteen months to the day . . .  Bloomsday 2021 . . . along the riverrun . . .   We are pleased to announce our official re-opening this coming Wednesday, June 16 at 10 am.   Readings from James Joyce’s Ulysses are optional.   After a full fifteen months of curbside pickup only (well, there was a lot of curbside chatter as well), we are now ready to resume our familiar seven-day schedule, 10 – 6 weekdays, 10 – 4 Sunday.   Please use the hand sanitzer.  We have all been vaccinated, but for everyone’s health and safety, especially the kids who have not yet been able to get vaxxed, we will all continue to wear masks and require them to be worn.   Curbside service will still be available for those who choose not to come in.     The big brown chair is back by the front desk and the stool where you like to sit and rest your weary bones while we add up your purchases is right back where it’s always been.   The two front hardcover tables have been slightly re-located to accommodate social distancing, but the back tables are right there in the heart of the shop where they’ve always been, chock full of the kinds of paperbacks (and some hardcovers as well) you’ve come to expect, the ones we love to show you.   The shelves have all been cleaned and re-stocked, the new carpet has almost been installed, the ceiling fans have been wiped free of accumulated dust, the windows have all been washed, the inventory system has been upgraded, and most of all, our booksellers, Sheppard, Maggie, Rowen, Colin and I are ready to meet and greet you upon your return.   And yes, Get Lit winebar will be open as well: bistro tables on the sidewalk, and a brand new selection of wines and beer.    Whether you are new to this newsletter or are among our oldest friends, I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for staying the course with us.   Your support is what enables us to hold on to our spot in the community.  Our community is what we strive to give back to every day.    See you soon, my friends!   Matt

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