Spring is literally right around the corner . . . and here’s some more good news:

Nextdoor Bookstore is opening this weekend!

Yes, two doors down from The Bookstore at 11 Housatonic Street we’re opening a used bookstore, featuring some amazing titles we’ve somehow managed to collect over the past 45 years.

Opening hours are this Saturday and Sunday, March 20 and 21, from 12 – 5. Weekday hours TBA.

Included are vintage hardcovers, some first editions, many complete sets, as well as good quality paperbacks.

All subjects: fiction, biography, history, politics, nature, poetry, psychology, new age, old age, philosophy, religion, and more.  

Movie stills from Gene Shalit’s collection, foreign language editions of Anais Nin’s erotica. Leather bound sets. Many local titles.

You name it, we’ve got it! And new “old” books will continue to be added. 

We’ll of course be practicing Social Distancing, hand sanitizing station at the entrance and masks required at all times.

Payment will be by cash, checks, Venmo or Paypal. No credit cards.

Thousands of books for you to choose from.  Come in and BROWSE! 

See you soon, and,

Thanks for reading.


p.s. Matt with mask illustration by Jim Youngerman

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