Well, let’s see: the Dodgers won the World Series and Louise Gluck won the Nobel Prize for Literature; I don’t remember anything else of much significance that happened in October, since the last time I wrote.

Reminds me of the time the Cubs won the World Series and Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. That was four years ago . . .

Okay, a couple of things locally: The Bookstore got its phone voice message apparatus working again.  Hooray!

Which means you can leave us a message if we’re not currently at the shop, or if the phone line is in use.  I check it several times a day.  You can call now, just to make sure it’s working: 413 637 3390.

I am also reviewing your email orders and/or inquiries multiple times over the course of the day as well. Please use this one for now: matt@bookstoreinlenox.com

Also, we’ve added a new feature. Each week I get to sit down in what use to be your favorite chair, that big brown one by the front desk, and record a two-minute video on Instagram, featuring some of the week’s new arrivals. See video section below! 

And I think we’ll be doing more of that kind of thing once we get our new, improved, website up. Soon. Can’t say when, but soon, I hope.  Instagram videos, audio recordings from the WAMC book pick shows, maybe a podcast or two.

And some kind of enhanced “order only” email, which will generate an automatic response so you’ll know we received it and are working to fulfill your request. 

All to better serve you, you who’ve been so supportive of our efforts during these still only Curbside Pick-Up times.  For which I can only repeat my heartfelt thanks.

Now, how are we going to take care of ourselves and our loved ones in the coming holiday time?  Well, if books are on your mind, you can send in your list.  If you don’t have a list, send in a question. If you don’t have a question, or even an idea on where to begin, just give a call or come on by.  Sidewalk conversations are our specialty these days. 

Bookshop.org, Kobo, and Libro  – these three partner venues by which we can help you with your book choices as well.  Until the new website is up and running, you can still find them on our existing one, bookstoreinlenox.com, or, as I say, come by and talk to us about them.

We are committed to the new normal, however and whenever it presents.  We remain committed to you.

Thanks for reading.

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