Couple of good things this week, couple of things that we wish were better than they are, and we’re working on that!
On the good side, please give a listen this coming Tuesday, Sept 29 to me with Joe Donahue on his weekly bookpicks show on WAMC, starting after the news at 11 am.  The Fall book season is always a good one and I’ve got some terrific titles to tell you about.
The other good thing is not so new but it’s still oh so good: our very successful GoFundMe campaign has provided The Bookstore, in these still uncertain times, a stability that will ensure our survival way into the future.  For those of you whom I’ve already thanked, here’s my additional thanks. For those of you who haven’t heard from me yet, well, I’m still about 600 notes behind, and with any luck, you’re next!
Oh, and one other good new thing: we’ve started a weekly Instagram one-minute video post of newly arrived titles.  Kind of a mini version of what I try to do on the WAMC bookpicks show (see above).
It also gets posted on our Bookstore Facebook page. New videos every Thursday. 
Speaking of social media, our own website is undergoing some growing pains, and I want to apologize for that. We’re working on a fix, which will also hopefully include a new streamlined way for you to place book orders online.  Stay tuned.
The other unfortunate news is that our venerable telephone number 413 637 3390, while still working fine when you can get through, is no longer able to take messages when you can’t.  We’re working on the problem, but I want to apologize for that as well.  Until it’s all better, please send me an email at   Thanks.
And, as always, thanks for reading.

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